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          The other starting positions are James, Christensen, Sartre, Alonso, Kant, Kovac, chic, zieh, Werner and Oddo, which are also the main line-up. Unfortunately, only one goal has been scored in this game. In the second half, aspiriquita and ludig came on as substitutes for the first time, which not only distributed the playing time equally, but also strengthened the defense line, which could give the offensive side more space to attack. After the 60th minute, Lampard sent Lawrence, Mattson, ambadou, Beck and girou on the field, which is also more to try and see the players' state.

          Because from Baoneng's point of view, basically, we don't lose money, even make money. We have made a lot of money. From Xu Jiayin's point of view, Xu Jiayin is crying. Compared with the cost of his selling price, Xu Jiayin now loses more than 16 billion yuan, which is very expensive.



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